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Grenada, Mississippi
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County/State Litter Program

Grenada County/State Litter Removal Program 

There are two main parts in the Grenada County Litter Removal Program. First is the Grenada County Litter Removal Program “GCLRP” and second, The Mississippi Department of Transportation “MDOT” Inmate Litter Removal program. Both of these programs, within Grenada County, are managed by the Grenada County Sheriff’s Office “GCSO”. With over 480 square miles in Grenada County there are many roads that need to be kept cleaned. We pride ourselves in taking the extra time and effort to ensure that this task is accomplished.

The GCLRP uses a full time GCSO employee that travels the county roads, with inmates from the Mississippi Department of Corrections housed at the Grenada County jail, to pick up trash along our county roads. The Grenada Sheriff’s department has received numerous awards and recognition for our efforts in keeping our county roads clean.     

Through MDOT’s Inmate Litter Removal Program, we, The Grenada County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Mississippi Transportation Commission, partner using Mississippi Department of Corrections prisoners to remove litter from state maintained highways as well as or county roads. We have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mississippi Transportation Commission to provide us with support in our efforts to keep the state highways clean. Under this MOU, MDOT agrees to furnish trash bags, safety vests, gloves and advisory signs and has provided us with a litter vehicle for the purpose of transporting the prisoners throughout the area they service.



 Does the Inmate Litter Program work? Absolutely, In 2008, counties taking part in the Inmate Litter Program removed over 442,872 bags of litter from the state highways in Mississippi.